Senior Arabic Copywriter

Freelancer – based anywhere in the world but has to work in the KSA timezone.
Full-time, based in Riyad, KSA

The role:

  • Work with the head of copy and senior writers, as well as our creative and account management teams (social, digital and production) on all copy requirements for accounts across the UAE and KSA.
  • Write captions, scripts, and more to populate monthly content calendars in MSA and Saudi dialects (Najdi & Hijazi).
  • Produce fresh campaign ideas and support senior writers and other creative team members with research and ideation for content calendars, campaigns, proposals and more.
  • Support senior writers on short- and long-form copy briefs.
  • Ensure tone of voice and guidelines are applied appropriately to client content.
  • Review, edit , translate and localise copies produced by writers when needed.


The ideal applicant:

  • You need a portfolio. It can be self-published or paid client work; whatever best represents your skills and thinking.
  • You need to have experience as a writer for at least 3-8 years.
  • You should be a reader with broad interests outside of social media.
  • You should take an interest in every client we work with, and every medium we write for.
  • You should have the skills at writing in modern standard Arabic (MSA) and different Saudi dialects such as (Najdi & Hijazi).

Please apply through the form below and ensure you provide copy samples / a portfolio of your work.



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