Tips to strengthen your digital presence

Now more than ever, there are hundreds of moments in a day to engage with your customers digitally. While this article doesn't cover every touchpoint, we asked the team to share some important starter questions that you can address right away. So, find out where you can strengthen your digital presence and your audience engagement, with a quick ‘audit’:

  1. Do I invest time or resources to understand my target audience? 
    Investing in research about your target audience will help minimise the cost of your media spend and increase ROI. With more user insights, you will better understand your customer’s composition across their user journey and purchase cycle. You’ll find more opportunities to serve them relevant, personalised, creative messaging, and on-site experience, resulting in improved conversion rates. Higher ROI. Ask our performance team for more information about data and analytics.
  2. Are my website tags set up optimally?
    Understanding the performance of your marketing efforts across channels is essential. Without proper tracking, it is difficult to measure this effort and the data gathered can become irrelevant. A simple and essential free tool for any business operating in the digital space is Google Tag Manager. With GTM, you can link Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any social media platform, as well as your CRM, without the need for a developer.
  3. How do I communicate with my audience?
    Supplementing your marketing mix with email campaigns is a great way to strengthen your customer relationships. Through emails, you are reaching out to users who have already interacted with your business, so response rates can be up to 40x more than paid ads. Email, as a marketing channel, will help drive retention and longevity for your brand, especially with 88% of smartphone users actively checking their inbox every day.
  4. Can I use automation?
    Automation can have a vital impact, especially on a growing business. In a survey, 78% of CMOs identified marketing automation as a key contributor to improved revenue. It frees up your time, facilitates a smooth personalised user journey, provides better database management, and is channel-agnostic.
  5. Am I leveraging social media pixels on my site?
    The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising on social media by the actions taken on your website. Similar to how GTM works, this helps you see what pages people viewed after seeing your campaigns and analyse their behaviour on your site. Helping you build audience profiles according to their data for better targeting down the line. Learn more about Facebook pixel here.
  6. Can I use data and analytics to make sure my message is relevant? 
    As the COVID crisis develops (and beyond), leverage free tools like Google Trends show you how consumer interests are changing. For example, where there is a decline in travel, fashion, and apparel, ‘quarantine life’ categories like home office equipment, workouts, cooking, and sewing machines are increasing. A social listening tool like Crowd Analyzer is local to the Middle East and will give you a feel for your target audiences’ sentiment and needs right now.
  7. Do I have a clear roadmap to my business’s digital transformation?
    If you’re ready to take your digital audit a step further, here’s another free tool we love, Google’s Digital Maturity Benchmark test.Research into data-driven marketing maturity, by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), found that only 2% of businesses use insights and technology to create useful, relevant experiences at multiple moments across the purchase journey.This tool will analyse where your brand sits on the path to full data-driven marketing, benchmarks your organisation against others in your industry, and makes both strategic and tactical recommendations to help you level up.

    If you’re ready to test out any of the points above, you’re on your way to becoming a data-driven digital business! Let us know what helped, or what you would like to learn more about.



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