We asked Sakshi Bhambhu, head of our CRM team, to take us through some practices to help improve marketing communications starting with leveraging CRM for a 360 approach.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the combination of strategy and technology that your business can use to centralise, manage, and analyse customer interactions and data throughout your customer’s journey. The goal of using a CRM system is to improve your customer relationships and assist in better customer retention to drive growth in sales.

This is where service, sales and marketing come together to ensure the success of your CRM KPIs.

Integrating a CRM system will help you:

  • Centralise your data
  • Retain existing customers with data driven insights and management automation
  • Formulate a unified customer view, based on their behavior and purchasing lifecycle
  • Improve cross-selling and upselling capabilities to relevant customers in your target audience, which can have a direct impact on your ROI.

Check out the video for more information about which CRM KPIs to look out for in order to maximise sales growth.

Our email specialists will help you increase open rates to drive up your online revenue, while our dedicated CRM team cements your relationship with existing clients through regular email, SMS, and social feeds. All supported by reports from in-house analysts.

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