So you want to launch a podcast?

It’s time to level up your brand or profile with a podcast. So many businesses are getting geared up with microphones, preparing their voices, and publishing regular audio content into the world, including your competitors. You might be thinking, “why is there a podcast hype all of a sudden?”. Here's why...


In the UAE, 1.3 million adults are tuning into their favourite podcast each week. In Saudi Arabia, there are 5.1 million regular listeners! What makes podcasts so special is the listening time and the engagement. Over 90% of podcast audiences in the Middle East are listening all the way through each episode. This is an engagement level brands around the world would love.

To find out more about why podcasts are so successful watch the full video ?? here ??


There are a few things to think about before creating and publishing a podcast. It’s not as easy as turning on a microphone and talking, trust us. Planning makes for a perfect podcast. 


Is your theme or category unique? If not, that’s fine, just think about how your podcast is different from the rest. The podcast world is growing, competition is getting fierce, so stand out with a unique proposition. Make sure your marketing promotes your USP too!


Always centre your content around your purpose. Podcasts have a wide range of purposes but the most popular reasons people listen are; to be educated, to be inspired, to be entertained. What will your listener take away from each one of your episodes and ultimately, will it help your brand?


Consistency is key. Think about how often you’ll publish your podcast, dedicate a regular release day/time and think about how long the episodes will be. Don’t veer away from these rules you set as your audience will learn how to listen to your podcast. 


Plan, plan, plan. A great podcast is produced which means scripting, guest booking and research. You’ll also find that with a lot of planning, your record and edit time will dramatically reduce so you can actually focus on your business!


Audio equipment is really affordable, recording software is often free and you can always find podcast studios near you too. If you’re looking for microphones, check out these that you can plug straight in…

  • Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  • Rode NT-USB
  • Razer Seiren X


It’s a good idea to release trailers before you launch. Also have a few episodes ready to release as soon as you go live, much like streaming your favourite new TV show, you can binge and love it even more! This allows your audience to get acquainted with your style, what you’re offering, and it will massively help engagement.



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