Ramadan is a time for mind peacefulness and observance, but it is also the time during which we take more time out to connect with our friends, neighbors and loved ones. Given the speedy nature of today’s day-to-day world, as well as the nature of the UAE’s expatriate environment, more people are connecting with each other during Ramadan over the Internet.

With just a month separating us from the beginning of Ramadan, brands are already racing to showcase their Ramadan campaigns and offers across digital platforms. And with most of our online activities taking place over mobile, users’ attention span continues to become the primary challenge for brands that aim to capture the true essence of Ramadan while delivering real value in their content.

So as you begin planning your brand’s activities during this time of the year, here are some tips to help you optimize your content and cater it to the right people, on the right platforms, at the right times.

1. Do not oversell ‘Ramadan’

While you may be tempted to take advantage of the increase in retail activities during Ramadan by pushing out your offers, you still need to deliver those campaigns cleverly without overselling this period as a retail concept.

  • Respect the values and traditions that associated with this time of the year and focus on delivering quality pieces of content that tell a real story and deliver real value.
  • Do not monetize Ramadan.
  • Capture emotions, nostalgia, mind peacefulness and traditions.

2. User-generated Content

If your company is in the retail or F&B business but is not capitalizing on user-generated content throughout Ramadan, then you’re missing out on so much valuable content. Read more about lightning link casino. Internet and social media users share millions of experiences during Ramadan; they’re practically telling their own stories.

  • Create campaigns which contain a strong element of proactive engagement with online users.

3. Adapt to Behavioural Differences

Users’ digital behaviours change during Ramadan as they adjust to key hours during the day.

  • For instance, logging into Facebook in the hour before, or right after Iftar, or Suhoor. Does that mean that you would be scheduling some of your posts and ads to run post-midnight up till 5.00 am? Yes, it does.
  • As a matter of fact, Facebook usage doubles between 2.00 am – 5.00 am during Ramadan.

4. Food Chatter

A lot of the cultural traditions revolve around food gatherings throughout the Holy month across the Arab World, and social media platforms are becoming users’ go-to resort for cooking inspiration during Ramadan.

  • If you’re in the F&B business, you need to proactively engage with those audiences.

5. Go Local –

This one applies to almost everything you do online really, even outside Ramadan.

  • Relevance is an essential part of every successful campaign.
  • The more you localise your content, the more relevant it becomes to your target audiences.
  • Content localization is not restricted to language, although engaging with your audience in their language and dialects is a very important factor here.
  • Going local with your content also means engaging in local trends which are relevant to both your audience and your brand.

Please stay tuned for more insights and tips coming your way in Part 2 and let us know your thoughts and feedback!



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