Introducing Reels

If you're not reeled in by Instagram Reels yet, maybe it's time to think about how it can play a role on your page. Check out this video with more info on what to expect.

What is Instagram Reels?
Think TikTok inside Instagram. It’s basically short 15-secs video clips that you can edit and share.

Well, how is it different than Instagram Stories?
Good question. Reels can be shared on Stories, Explore Feed, and there’s going to be new Reels tab on every user’s profile to house your Reels content.
There’s also going to be a Reels Explore Feed, where you explore content from popular and trending accounts on Instagram.

What are the editing options for Reels?
They’re very similar to TikTok. You can add audio or music, adjust the speed of the clip, use effects and AR, and even overlay some of the Instagram Stickers that you’re used to.

Can I start using it?
Not just yet, it’s currently being rolled out to 50 new countries, but the UAE and KSA are still on the waitlist.

How can we use it for clients?
These are just thought-starters at this stage until we know more, but a good way to approach this is to think of stories you want to stay featured on your account. They’re going to have their own tab, so they’ll be more prominent than just the Stories highlights section.
Events and live coverage content will also be excellent there.

Still want to know more and see screenshots?
Good on you. This article has everything you’d need.



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