Bringing both a copywriter and social media specialist into harmony adds great value when writing engaging content on your social channels.

It’s all about the gurus who can create compelling copy that generates sales leads through social media.

Here are 10 tips to create some great copy for social media:

  1. Create a process – Start with your followers (their likes, fears, ambitions, cravings, etc) and then structure your copy in a way that makes your product appeal to them; “we’re here for you”.
  2. Define your unique selling proposition – What makes your business stand out from the crowd? Why should your current and potential audience buy your product or use your service? Focus on the benefits of your brand over the features.
  3. Give your online audience a reason to act immediately – Your copy needs to focus on 3 things: Trust – Realisation – Action. Your followers need to trust that there is a better way or option for things they’re already doing or products they’re already consuming. Then, they need to realise that they’ve just found a better option (being your product or service, obviously). Last but not least, your fans need to take a firm action toward getting what they want, which in turn, converts into a lead.
  4. Attention-grabbing headlines – Let the headline of your copy focus on what keeps your audience up at night, what motivates them, what their aspirations are, what they fear, etc. Make your headline useful, urgent unique and specific. This formula will aid you in writing headlines where followers are compelled to read more.
  5. Get your fans to crave for more – An effective content strategy makes your audience hungry for more content.
  6. Be a storyteller – Use this go-to formula:Before: Here’s your current situation (or problem)
    After: Here’s what it’d be like to have this resolved
    Bridge: Here’s how you can get thereThis is a super simple process, and it doesn’t only work for social media posts but blog posts, articles and emails too.
  7. The 4 Cs – Stay focused on the goals of the copy and how your fans find it useful; your copy needs to be clear, concise, credible & compelling (The 4 Cs).
  8. Strong action verbs – Make your sentences crisp and to the point.
  9. Add a sense of urgency – Your audience will be victims to the fear of missing out. But be careful, and don’t overdo it as it might backfire. You never want to be too promotional on social media.
  10. Don’t be afraid to try new things – Keep experimenting with your copy until you find that one formula that works best for your audience. It might take you some time until you get there, but it is always worth the wait.


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