Emerging Trends In Ecommerce

If you want to help your brand tap into emerging trends in E-commerce and digital engagement, then this article will be an interesting read.

Help Your Brand Tap Into Emerging Trends In Ecommerce And Digital Engagement With These Facebook Insights

Facebook recently published key data points from the world’s fastest-growing markets that offer us a peek into the forces shaping the future.

Among people surveyed globally:

  • 90% are actively looking for ways to simplify their lives.
  • 86% of these convenience seekers would pay for products or services that save them time.

A. The participation paradigm

Social media has shifted people’s expectations of brands. People increasingly want to feel connected through interactive and immersive experiences. Live shopping, AR and other technologies are helping to add utility and levity to peoples relationships with brands.

  • 73% said that they are interested in trying new ways of shopping.
  • 27% have tried live shopping in 2020.
  • 89% expect to increase their live shopping in the coming year.
  • 78% consider AR a fun way to interact with brands

B. The digital gathering

People are building communities in places where you may not be able to find a map. Online communities matter as much as ever. And people increasingly welcome brands that are willing to contribute to their online communities.

  • 74% expect their engagement to increase in the future.
  • 83% are open to brands participating in their online communities.

C. The entrepreneurs edge

 People are answering the challenges of daily life with creativity and entrepreneurism with many communities actively supporting their local business. And now, new digital tools are leveling the playing field, enabling more people to unlock the economic opportunities around them.

  • 91% are actively supporting local entrepreneurs
  • 94% believe that social media has made it easier for people to start a business.

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