6 tips to keep in mind before addressing a social cause

Now, more than ever, we want the brands we follow to take a stand on social causes that they care about. However, social causes are tricky to tap into. Doing it right can actually have a strong, tangible impact in the community, whereas doing it wrong can be catastrophic for a brand’s image. If you’re a brand or company that is considering talking about a cause, we've got 6 tips to help get you started.

Tip #1

1) Understand the problem

Take the extra step to learn about the history, cause and impact of the subject you’re planning to address

Tip #2

Speak to the people directly affected by the problem.
Ensure that you’re hearing from people from all walks of life to understand how the problem effects them.
Don’t be afraid to move away from your social audience because while your audience may be niche, the cause isn’t

Tip #3

Don’t just jump in before taking a step back.

A lot of brands tend to make the mistake of jumping on a bandwagon and capitalising on trending causes like equal rights and plastic pollution without taking a step back to assess whether their campaign aids the cause or the people effected by the problem.

Some causes need brands to help drive awareness but most require brands need to show up with solutions that actually make a difference.

So take a step back and question whether or not you’re campaign adds value to the cause

Tip #4

Ask a professional
It’s very easy to get stuck in a marketing bubble and what could be found on Google but with cause marketing in particular – don’t be afraid to consult professionals who work on the cause and in the field on a daily basis to better understand how to address the problem.

Tip #5

One of the most powerful things you can do as a brand is to make your audience feel like the hero of the story. Ask yourself whether the campaign fits into your brand’s narrative and how you could communicate a complex topic while making it relatable to your audience.

& finally, Tip #6 –

Assess whether your campaign helps the cause or just helps sell a product. Whether it inspires action or creates conversation. There’s no harm in taking extra steps to reevaluate and redesign and campaign to ensure it truly has an impact!

Stay tuned for the next video from #CreateImpact soon, but in the meantime please share what you’d like to add to these tips!

By Ninoksha D’souza



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